The Talkabot conference was held in September, 2016. We've posted videos of the entire event!

While there are currently no plans to hold the conference again, we invite you to our monthly meetup in Austin!

Hear from people defining the future of bots at Talkabot

Talkabot is a two day convergence where we will explore the past, present and future of bots in commerce, journalism and entertainment. Talkabot is for developers, entrepreneurs and technologists looking to understand more about what it takes to build a successful messaging experience.

Hear from popular bot makers, platform representatives and specialists in related fields like artificial intelligence, user research and content strategy. The conference will be presented in a single track format with talks from the people and companies who are defining this technology and making it real.

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Workshop Tuesday, September 27 - Day 1 Wednesday, September 28 - Day 2 Thursday, September 29

You can meet and learn from these amazing humans!

Robert Hoffer & Peter Levitan
Creators, SmarterChild

Founders of ActiveBuddy Inc. share their experience building a highly-engaged bot for AOL Instant Messenger in the early 2000's. We're excited to bring Hoffer & Levitan together at Talkabot to discuss their experiences and hear what today's bot developers can learn from looking back at their story.

Ted Livingston
CEO, Kik

Following a large investment from TenCent, the CEO of Kik is driving the company to become “the WeChat of the West”. Many are building bots for Kik’s large, young audience as the company facilitates innovative bot development. Hear Ted’s thoughts about building the experience and measuring success through messaging.

Amir Shevat
Director of Dev. Relations, Slack

Amir will share his analysis of the bot ecosystem on Slack from his unique perspective, with insights into bot adoption, retention and other metrics.

Erika Hall
Co-founder, Mule Design

Information design leader and expert researcher Erika Hall discusses her practices as applied to creating bot experiences that work for all kinds of users.

Sam Williams
Writer/Developer, Quartz

The QZ app for iPhone is a fresh, message-based news experience. Hear about the content editor that Quartz built to simplify workflows for their team of writers to deliver news in this new context.

Mikhail Larionov
Platform, Facebook Messenger

The team from Facebook Messenger will present unique opportunities for developing on their platform and give tips for successful interactions with their massive userbase that is now over a billion active users.

Don Goodman-Wilson
Senior Developer Advocate

Don loves living in the interfaces between layers, whether it’s bridging languages, systems, or developers. He enjoys statically typed languages and sailing, and lives with his wife and daughter in California.

Ben Brown
CEO, Howdy

Co-founder of Howdy and creator of Botkit delves into the architecture and design of today's bot applications.

Ilya Gelfenbeyn

Ilya will demonstrate some cutting edge NLP tools available for bot builders to create robust, conversational experiences. The platform, which has over 65k developers, offers one-click integrations for painless, cross-platform deployments and is now a part of Google's product family.

Kuan Huang & Greg Leuch
Product team, Poncho

As one of the bots that launched at Facebook's F8 conference this year, weather bot Poncho has certainly been in the spotlight. The product team will talk about the launch and their continued work on the popular bot.

Esther Crawford
Founder, Olabot

Esther created a successful personal bot to act as a resume and talk to recruiters. We’re excited to hear about the founding of Olabot and why she thinks everyone should have a personal bot assistant.

Max Sklar
Machine Learning, Foursquare

Max was the primary engineer for Marsbot, a bot that delivers contextually-aware, proactive recommendations based on Foursquare data.

Sarah Wulfeck & Lucas Ives
Product team, PullString

The team from PullString will discuss their artful approach to design and character building from their experience building Hello Barbie, a conversational toy for children.

Lauren Golembiewski
Co-founder, Voxable

Lauren designed Ghostbot, built by her company for the privacy app Burner to safely manage online dating contacts through bot interactions over SMS.

David ‘DC’ Collier

DC brings his experience developing a language-learning chatbot for WeChat. By identifying features and tools not obvious on the surface, he'll talk what could be coming to western platforms and implications for developers.

Stephen Scarr
CEO, eContext

eContext built the world's largest semantic classification engine. Their chatbot, which classified Wal-Mart's product library via its public API, demonstrates how semantic understanding supports a more fluid experience for consumers.

Rachel Law & Alyx Baldwin
Founders, Kip

Kip is an AI chat assistant for team shopping. These founders will present their bot and talk about developing a strong visual language for your bot interface from their experience.

Rob Guilfoyle

Abe is a bot that talks to you about your finances across many platforms. Rob will talk about continuing a cross-platform conversation with human intervention.

Barbara Ondrisek
Creator, Mica

Mica was one of the first bots approved by Facebook Messenger's bot platform. Barbara will share insights to her design, development and release process.

Christian Brucculeri
CEO, Snaps

Hear Christian outline unique marketing opportunities in the messaging space and give insights into his company's most successful campaigns for global brands.

Tom Hadfield

Tom explains that bot builders can't afford to just think about building for one or two platforms; they need to think about cross-platform deployment given the highly fragmented nature of the ecosystem.

Drew Magliozzi
CEO, AdmitHub

AdmitHub co-founder Drew Magliozzi will share the impact of their SMS-based chatbot aimed at improving enrollment and student retention in higher education.

Andy Mauro
CEO, Automat

Andy and his team at Automat are obsessed with making bots better than the phone-based IVRs and virtual assistants they’ve spent the last 15 years building.

Mitch Mason and Gavin Loughridge
Product, IBM Watson

Mitch and Gavin will talk about Watson's journey from a Jeopardy winning research project to a suite of cognitive services that allow anyone to give anything a conversational interface.

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