Conference FAQ

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General questions

Who is Talkabot for?

Talkabot is for developers, product people, entrepreneurs, marketers and anyone looking to understand more of the how's and the why's of building successful bots. This conference aims to cut through the recent bot hype by having people and companies presenting real, valuable experience about building conversational software.

Why should I attend this conference?

Attending Talkabot will put you in front of the most experienced people working on conversational and messaging software. If you’re building bots, you’ll learn from those who have done it as to what works and what doesn’t. You'll see bots implemented in real-world sitations and get ideas for creative use cases. You'll get to hear about the tools and platform features that will supercharge your bot ideas.

If you’re interested in where the technology is headed, or where your company/organization should begin building bots...this conference is for you! You will hear real experience and best practices from people who have bots in the wild, and decide which platform affords you the most opportunity based on feature-set and demographics.

Who is putting this on?

Talkabot is presented Howdy, the team that brought you Botkit and the Slack Developer Hangout.

When is it happening?

Talkabot will be held on Wednesday, September 28 and Thursday, September 29 from 9am to 5pm. There is a pre-conference workshop on Tuesday, September 27, and an opening night party on Wednesday night.

Where is the conference?

The main conference days will be held at:

Fair Market
1100 E 5th Street
Austin, TX 78702

Conference agenda

Who is speaking and what kind of topics will be covered?

You will hear from popular bot developers, toolmakers, platform representatives and specialists in related fields like artificial intelligence, user research and content strategy. Hear from the creators of one of the first commercially-successful bots, SmarterChild. Teams from PullString and will show real applications of their tools and interfaces. Major platforms like Slack, Kik and Twilio will share experiences from their perspectives.

The conference will be presented in a single track format with talks from the people and companies who are defining this technology!

How do I speak or present my bot at Talkabot?

We are accepting submissions to Talkabot until July 31st. If interested, please fill out this form.

Please email any questions to


Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets are available for purchase through Eventbrite at

Do you offer reduced rates to students, non-profits, etc.?

Yes! Please email for more information.

Where do I go once I get to Austin?

We made this handy map so you can find your way around!

Is there a code of conduct?

We are committed to creating a fun, inclusive enviroment for all attendees to have a positive experience. Please review our code of conduct and email us at if you have questions or need anything from the team.


The conference is made possible by Microsoft Research, Howdy, Slack,, and Kik.

How do I become a sponsor of Talkabot?

We have great community ideas that could use a sponsor like you! Sponsoring Talkabot is not about just getting a logo on the stage; its about having attendees interact with your brand. Email us at and lets make something great together!